Example Axiom Queries

Last modified 15 Mar 2022 12:42 +01:00
Since 4.5
This functionality is available since version 4.5.

Searching by Archetype Name

Search for reports with archetype specified by its name

Axiom Query
archetypeRef/@/name = "Report export task"
XML Query
    <value>Report export Task</value>


  • archetypeRef/@ - specifies we are not matching reference value, but it’s target. In this case it is archetype.

Search by Assigned Role Name

Axiom Query
assignment/targetRef/@/name = "Role Name"

Where: * assignment/targetRef/@ -specifies that we are not matching reference value, but it’s target. In this case it is assigned role.

Users with account on specific resource

This filter was tested to be working since midPoint 4.4

Search for users, which have account specified resource, with default intent.

Axiom Query
linkRef/@ matches (
  . type ShadowType
  and resourceRef matches (oid = "ff735c0a-21e3-11e8-a91a-df0065248d2d")
  and intent = "default"


  • linkRef/@ - we dereference target of linkRef, this behaves similar to SQL JOIN, allows us to filter on properties of the target

  • matches specifies subfilter for dereferenced target, filter which linkRef must match

    • . type ShadowType, we are searching for shadows on resource, this is necessary in order to be able to use shadow properties for filter

    • resourceRef matches (oid = "…​" ) - matches specific resource, to which shadow belongs

    • intent = "default" - matches shadow with default intent

XML equivalent
               <value oid="ff735c0a-21e3-11e8-a91a-df0065248d2d" />
Translated SQL query in native PostgreSQL repository
select u.oid, u.fullObject from m_user u
where exists (
   select 1 from m_ref_projection refpj
   where u.oid = refpj.ownerOid and exists (
      select 1 from m_shadow sh
      where refpj.targetOid = sh.oid and (sh.resourceRefTargetOid = ? and sh.resourceRefRelationId = ? and sh.intent = ?)
limit ?