Case Studies

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This page contains real life experiences of organizations from various verticals that decided to implement midPoint, the open source leader in identity governance and administration. Learn more about challenges they faced and why midPoint was the right choice to deal with them. Do you have your own story you would like to share with midPoint community? Contact us for making that happen.

Midpoint Integration for a Non-Governmental Organisation
2020-10, by Positive Thinking Company

A story of non-governmental organization’s difficulties with slow, prone to error manual processes solved by integrating midPoint.

Adtalem Global: Integrating a New HR System with midPoint
2020-09, by ExclamationLabs

A challenge of tight timeline for implementation of new HR system that Adtalem Global Education, the worldwide educational services provider, overcame thanks to midPoint and Evolveum’s partner support.

Case Study - Fordham University
2020-12, by Internet2 and Fordham University

When university’s home-grown system becomes increasingly difficult to maintain, the problem may be solved by joining Collaboration Success Program and implementing midPoint as part of the solution with the help of community.

Case Study - University of Louisiana at Lafayette
2020-12, by Internet2 and University of Louisiana at Lafayette

A story of troublesome provisioning and deprovisioning, and implementing midPoint as a provisioning engine within the Collaboration Success Program (CSP) as a solution to this problem.

Case Study - University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
2020-12, by Internet2 and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

The university defined a need for an improved and extensible provisioning system to control access to a variety of resources. This need was met thanks to CSP and midPoint with its possible extensibility via open source connectors.

Case Study - Colorado School of Mines
2018-10, by Internet2 and Colorado School of Mines

A story of the university’s functioning vendor-based solution for identity management that successfully manages 90% of all automated provisioning across a variety of disparate systems.

Case Study - Colorado State University
2018-10, by Internet2 and Colorado State University

A university’s challenge with e-Identity regarding people outside of the defined CSU member population needing access to a limited set of protected resources where midPoint is used as entry registry.

Case Study - Oregon State University
2018-10, by Internet2 and Oregon State University

A situation depicting how the university easily provides access to the students, employees, and associates, but struggles to provide the same access to others and therefore is interested to solve such problem with midPoint.

Case Study - University of California, Merced
2018-10, by Internet2 and University of California, Merced

A story of utilizing the TIER Campus Success Program to accelerate the adoption of a robust IAM solution that can scale and grow with the campus while replacing a home-grown person registry with midPoint.

Case Study - University of Maryland Baltimore County
2018-10, by Internet2 and University of Maryland Baltimore County

A summary of one of the first fifty universities members of InCommon and their path to TIER deployment with midPoint as identity registry to renovate their identity architecture.

Managing Identities in the Cloud
2018, by AMI Praha

A brief commentary of what customers’ problems our partners solve by means of implementing midPoint.

Managing Access to the Resources and Tracking Issues with midPoint
2018, by Evolveum

A commentary on challenges our customer CVTI faced and how midPoint helped with self registration and validation of the scientific personnel and (cost) management of licenses.

Online Insurance System with Identity Management
2018, by Evolveum

A story of Union, the insurance organization that faced the challenges of implementing a comprehensive online insurance system by integrating midPoint together with an access management system.

Other languages

Systemintegration mit IAM Lösung midPoint zu SWITCH, AHVN13/ZAS & Co
2021-06, by IT Concepts, page 34, in German language

An article in German language describing an integration of midPoint with SWITCH and AHVN13/ZAS & Co in public administration and education.