List of Identity Connectors

Last modified 22 Apr 2021 17:31 +02:00

This table summarizes the connectors for use with midPoint. Some of those connectors are used routinely, other are used occasionally and some of those are experimental connectors in development. This table provides information from our (Evolveum) point of view.

Connector Support status Maintained by (Origin) Target systems Description
LDAP Connector supported Evolveum
Standard LDAP servers (LDAPv3) Identity connector for standard LDAPv3 directory servers.
Active Directory Connector (LDAP) supported Evolveum
Active Directory servers Connector for Active Directory servers based on the LDAP protocol.
DatabaseTable Connector supported Evolveum
Generic database table (JDBC) Identity connector for generic relational database table.
CSV Connector supported Evolveum
CSV files (local) Identity connector for for CSV-formatted text files.
ScriptedSQL Connector supportable Evolveum
(OpenICF, adopted by Evolveum)
Generic SQL databases (JDBC) Generic identity connector for SQL databases, using custom script code.
SCIMv1 Generic Connector supportable Evolveum
Standard SCIM v1 servers Generic identity connector for SCIM 1.1 servers.
Grouper Connector supportable Evolveum
Grouper (Internet2 et al.) Identity connector for Grouper.
Kafka Connector unknown Evolveum
Kafka server Identity connector for a special integration pattern using Kafka.
GitLab Connector supportable Evolveum
Gitlab server Identity connector for Gitlab servers.
SWITCH edu-ID Affiliation Connector supportable Evolveum
SWITCH edu-ID Affiliation Identity connector for SWITCH edu-ID Affiliation.
SmartRecruiters Connector supportable Evolveum
SmartRecruiters cloud service Identity connector for SmartRecruiters cloud service over REST User API.
PeopleSoft HCM connector supportable Evolveum
Oracle PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) Identity connector for Oracle PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM).
PowerShell Connector deprecated Evolveum
Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2 Identity connector for PowerShell script execution on Windows servers.
SAP Connector supported Evolveum
SAP R/3 Identity connector for SAP R/3 systems.
Siebel Connector community community
(AMI Praha)
Siebel Identity connector for Oracle Siebel systems.
SSH Connector supportable Evolveum
Broad range of UNIX systems, Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Identity connector for SSH script execution.
Microsoft Graph API Connector supportable Evolveum
Office365, Azure Active Directory Identity connector for Microsoft Azure services (Office365, Azure AD) based on Graph API.
SCIMv1 Salesforce Connector supportable Evolveum
Salesforce platform (using SCIMv1 API) Identity connector for Salesforce platform using SCIM 1.1 API.
SCIM v1 Slack connector supportable Evolveum
Slack services (using SCIMv1 API) Identity connector for Slack using SCIM 1.1 API.
UNIX Connector supportable Evolveum
UNIX/Linux systems Identity connector for UNIX/Linux systems based on SSH.
WordPress Connector community community
WordPress Identity connector for WordPress.
GotoMeeting Connector community Exclamation Labs
(Exclamation Labs)
GotoMeeting Identity connector for GotoMeeting.
Guacamole Connector community Openstandia
Apache Guacamole Identity connector for Apache Guacamole.
Okta Connector community community
Okta Identity connector for Okta.
Zoom Connector community Exclamation Labs
(Exclamation Labs)
Zoom Identity connector for Zoom.
Box Connector (SDK) community Exclamation Labs
(Exclamation Labs)
Box Identity connector for Box cloud services using the official SDK.
SAP UME Connector community community
(AMI Praha)
SAP UME (Portal) Identity connector for SAP UME (Portal).
Keycloak Connector community Openstandia
Keycloak Identity connector for Keycloak.
FreeIPA Connector community ARTIN
RedHat FreeIPA Identity connector for RedHat FreeIPA.
GLUU Connector community DAASI
GLUU server Identity connector for GLUU server based on SCIM.
Mattermost Connector community ARTIN
Mattermost Identity connector for Mattermost.
Webex Connector community Exclamation Labs
(Exclamation Labs)
Cisco Webex Identity connector for Cisco Webex.
Pulumi Connector community Openstandia
Pulumi Identity connector for Pulumi.
Coupa Connector unknown community
(AMI Praha)
Coupa Cloud Platform Identity connector for Coupa Cloud Platform.
Amazon Cognito User Pool Connector community Openstandia
Amazon Cognito User Pool Identity connector for Amazon Cognito User Pool using AWS SDK for Java v2.
GitHub Connector community Openstandia
GitHub Identity connector for GitHub.
Datadog Connector community Openstandia
Datadog Identity connector for Datadog.
Box Connector unknown
Box cloud services Identity connector for Box cloud services.
Google Apps Connector supportable Evolveum, community
Google Apps SAAS platform Identity connector for Google Apps platform
Banner Connector (planned) community community
(Internet2 InCommon)
Ellucian Banner Planned identity connector for Ellucian Banner.
SAS Connector supportable Evolveum
SAS Metadata Server Identity connector for SAS Metadata Server.
Oracle Connector unknown Evolveum
Oracle database (users, administrators) Connector to provision Oracle database accounts.
Waveset Connector experimental Evolveum
Oracle Waveset (Sun Identity Manager) Identity connector for Oracle Waveset (Sun Identity Manager), mostly for migration purposes.
LifeRay Connector supportable Evolveum
LifeRay Portal Identity connector for LifeRay Portal systems.
Drupal 7 Connector supportable Evolveum
Drupal (version 7) Identity connector for Drupal 7 systems.
CMD Connector supportable Evolveum
(ConnId project)
Generic script execution hosts Generic script execution connector.

Built-In Connectors

Connector Support status Maintained by (Origin) Target systems Description
Asynchronous Provisioning Connector (Built-In) experimental Evolveum
Asynchronous message receivers Built-in identity connector for asynchronous (message-based) provisioning operations.
Asynchronous Update Connector (Built-In) experimental Evolveum
Asynchronous message senders Built-in identity connector for asynchronous (message-based) synchronization operations.
Manual Connector (Built-In) supported Evolveum
ITSM systems Built-in identity connector for manual provisioning operations.

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