Siebel Connector

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Identity connector for Oracle Siebel systems.

Development statuscommunity (maintained by community effort)
Support statuscommunity
OriginAMI Praha
Support provided bycommunity
Target systemsSiebel
Source code

Oracle Siebel Connector for midPoint is community developed connector that manages user accounts in Siebel user management.

Some code changes may be needed before connector deployment!

This connector is using native Siebel WS. However, account data model exposed to IdM was configured on Siebel side to match particular deployment.
Connector was developed and tested with single customer with Siebel web services exposed at 3rd party middleware layer.

Siebel connector was introduced as a contribution to midPoint project by AMI Praha and is not officially supported by Evolveum.

Siebel connector contains support for ACCOUNT entity type only.


Supported Operations

The Siebel connector supports the following operations:

  • Create

  • Get

  • Schema

  • Paged Search

  • Test

  • Update

  • Activation

Connector does not support delete operation, consider using disable instead.


The following table lists all the configuration properties you can specify when setting up the Siebel connector:

Configuration Property Required Type Example Description




WS username



WS password



Maximum page size




Default page size used when explicit setting is not provided (e.g. during reconciliation task)

Connection timeout




Timeout in [ms] to establish HTTP connection

Receive timeout




Timeout in [ms] to retrieve data from single WS call. Should be set high enough for Search All operation to finish.

Basedir of SOAP log files


Enter path to the file system directory, if detailed SOAP logging is to be enabled. Leave empty to disable SOAP logging.

Getting started

Building the connector

Download and build the project with usual:

mvn clean install

Import connector JAR file to one of these locations:

  • icf-connectors directory in midPoint home (recommended)

  • midPoint WEB-INF/lib

  • application server (e.g. Tomcat) lib directory

Creating resource

Sample resource XML can be found on midPoint GitHub.

Changing the interface

As stated in the beginning, some code changes may be necessary, here are some tips:

  • Connector is using wsdl2java component to generate interface classes at the build time.

  • Connector comes with predefined WSDLs (src\main\resources\wsdl\) that may NOT fit your actual Siebel deployment.

  • By changing the WSDL files, adapting connector and possibly fixing or disabling automated tests you may create your own Siebel connector.

  • Of course, if you dont wish to do that, you can make your Siebel to adjust to data model described in connector WSDLs. Good luck ☺

Advanced business logic

Siebel is complex system and managing some account attributes is not always easy. Here are some tips regarding sample connector:

  • In Siebel’s data model, some values are more important then the other. These are marked as "primary" and connector supports that behaviour via proper attribute naming.

  • Related positions (PrimaryPosition, SecondaryPositions) are identified with IDs, not names.

  • When creating Siebel roles definition, you may be interested in Radio Button Roles so you can e.g. replace jobtitle value when new role assignment is approved in midPoint.

  • When approving role assignment, your Siebel admin may enter some resource attribute values manually (e.g. primary position) using midPoint’s forms. (also look for approvalSchema-level-formRef)

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