MidPoint Connector Support

Last modified 13 Apr 2021 17:52 +02:00

MidPoint can use ConnId-compatible connectors from a variety of sources. The connectors that are often used with midPoint are developed and maintained by Evolveum teams. However, other ConnId-compatible connectors can be used with midPoint.

Connector Support

Support for some (bundled) connectors is included in in basic midPoint support services. This "bundled" support is limited only to connectors that are distributed together with midPoint. And the support is limited, e.g. eDirectory is not supported at all, only standardized LDAP operations are supported for LDAP connector, there are limitations for Active Directory operations and so on. Please see midPoint release notes, connector documentation and your support contract for the details.

Support for other connectors can be purchased separately. All the connectors have their peculiarities that are often determined by the system that they connect to. Use and capabilities of the connector can also depend on the configuration of the target system. Therefore it is almost impossible to provide a comprehensive price list and support terms that would work for all the connectors and target systems. For that reason a pricing for many connectors is determined on case-by-case basis. Please contact Evolveum sales representative for the details.

Project Polygon

The code that is currently known as "ConnId" has a turbulent history. There were strange and uncertain times. Project Polygon was born during such times as an attempt to stabilize situation regarding connector framework and the basic connectors. The goal of Project Polygon was to create a set of reliable ConnId-compatible connectors that came from various sources. Now, Project Polygon is mostly just a historical name that does not have much meaning any more. All the Evolveum changes to ConnId framework are immediately contributed to upstream ConnId project. And support for each connector is provided separately.

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