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Welcome to our library! This is the place where you can find interesting documents (long reads) that we have produced or contributed to.

Practical Identity Management with MidPoint
2020-02, Radovan Semančík, et al.
This is the book about midPoint. It starts with the basics of identity management, provides introduction to midPoint and then delved deep down into midPoint configuration. Must read to all midPoint engineers.
Identity Metadata In A Nutshell
2020-08, Radovan Semančík, et al.
Introduction to metadata concepts in identity management.
Enterprise Identity and Access Management
Introduction to identity and access management (IAM) as it is used in enterprise environment.
ConnId 1.x Connector Development Guide
Principles and methods to develop ConnId connectors for midPoint.
LDAP Survival Guide
Description of common LDAP problems and possible workarounds.
Complexities of Identity Provenance Metadata
2021-06, Radovan Semančík
Open Identity Summit 2021 conference contribution
Semančík, R.: Complexities of Identity Provenance Metadata, in H. Roßnagel, C. H. Schunck, S. Mödersheim (Ed.): Open Identity Summit 2021, Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI), Gesellschaft für Informatik, Bonn 2021, pp. 25-36
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