Asynchronous Provisioning Connector (Built-In)

Last modified 14 Apr 2021 15:36 +02:00

Built-in identity connector for asynchronous (message-based) provisioning operations.

Development statusactive (actively developed and maintained)
Support statusexperimental
Support provided byEvolveum
Target systemsAsynchronous message receivers
Source code

Asynchronous Provisioning Connector is a midPoint-specific built-in connector that implements provisioning operations mediated by an asynchronous (usually message-based) communication. There are situations where a target resource is not accessible in a direct, synchronous, CRUD-like way. Such a resource can receive commands to add, modify, or delete accounts and other objects, but processes them asynchronously - in an unspecified time.

This connector implements the outbound (provisioning) communication direction. The Asynchronous Update Connector implements the inbound (synchronization) direction.

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