Unsupported Identity Connectors

Last modified 22 Apr 2021 17:31 +02:00

This is a list of unsupported identity connectors. These connectors are considered to be legacy. The code is abandoned, the development and maintenance activities are stopped. This information is kept for historical reasons only.

Connector Origin Target systems Description
Jira Connector ICF Atlasian Jira server Identity connector for Atlasian Jira server.
eDirectory Connector Evolveum Novell/NetIQ eDirectory Legacy LDAP-based connector for eDirectory servers.
Legacy Scripted REST Connector OpenICF General REST service Generic identity connector for REST services, using custom script code.
Solaris Connector ICF Solaris servers, possibly also other Unix systems. Identity connector for Solaris servers, possibly usable for other UNIX-like servers.
Legacy ScriptedSQL Connector OpenICF Generic SQL databases (JDBC) Generic identity connector for SQL databases, using custom script code.
Legacy Office 365 Connector Community Microsoft Office 465 Legacy identity connector for Microsoft Office 365 services.
CSVFile Connector (legacy) ICF Local CSV files Legacy connector for CSV-formatted files.
Legacy LDAP Connector ICF LDAP servers Legacy connector for LDAP servers based on JNDI.
Legacy Active Directory Connector (.NET) ICF Active Directory servers Legacy connector for Active Directory servers based on .NET framework.
Exchange Connector (.NET) ICF Microsoft Exchange servers Legacy connector for Microsoft Exchange servers based on .NET framework.
Lotus Notes/Domino Connector Evolveum Lotus Notes/Domino servers Legacy connector for Lotus Notes/Domino servers.