ISO/IEC 24760-1:2019 Terminology

Last modified 21 Sep 2021 11:18 +02:00

ISO/IEC 24760 IT Security and Privacy — A framework for identity management is a series of international standard, that specifies a framework for the issuance, administration, and use of data that serves to characterize individuals, organizations or information technology components which operate on behalf of individuals or organizations. It specifies fundamental concepts and operational structures of identity management with the purpose to realize information system management so that information systems can meet business, contractual, regulatory and legal obligations.

First part of the series (ISO/IEC 24760-1:2019 IT Security and Privacy — A framework for identity management — Part 1: Terminology and concepts) specifies the terminology and concepts for identity management, in order to promote a common understanding in the field of identity management.

ISO/IEC 24760 terminology is based on industry practice, and for the vast majority it is consistent with the terminology used by Evolveum. Following table summarizes the correspondence of ISO/IEC 24760 and Evolveum terms.

ISO 24760 TermEvolveum Term
attribute Digital Identity Attribute
authenticated identity Authenticated Identity
authentication Authentication
blinded affirmation Blinded Affirmation
credential Credential
credential issuer Credential Issuer
credential service provider Credential Service Provider (CSP)
domain Domain
domain of origin Data Origin
enrollment Enrollment
entity Entity
ephemeral identifier Ephemeral Identifier
federated identity Federated Identity
identification Identification
identifier Identifier
identity Identity
identity assertion Identity Assertion
identity evidence Identity Evidence
identity federation Identity Federation
identity information Digital Identity
identity information authority Identity Information Authority (IIA)
identity information provider Identity Provider (IdP)
identity management Identity Management (IDM)
identity management system Identity Management System (IDMS)
identity proofing Identity Proofing
identity register Identity Register
identity registration Identity Registration
minimal disclosure Minimal Disclosure
principal Principal
pseudonym Pseudonym
reference identifier Reference Identifier (RI)
reference identifier generator Reference Identifier Generator
registration authority Registration Authority (RA)
relying party Relying Party (RP)
selective disclosure Selective Disclosure
verification Verification
verifier Verifier