Access Certification Reports

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Access Certification Reports

There are currently four pre-configured certification-related reports available in the midPoint distribution package:

Report name Content

Certification definitions report

All certification definitions with basic information on related campaigns (number of campaigns, date when a campaign of this type was last started and closed).

Certification campaigns report

All certification campaigns along with their state.

Certification cases report

Cases within a given certification campaign.

Certification work items report

Decisions of individual reviewers for a certification campaign as a whole or for a given campaign stage. This is the most detailed report.

The default export type is CSV as a default for object collection based reports.


cert definition report
Figure 1. Certification definitions report


  1. "last closed" is not updated if a campaign is deleted without being properly closed.

cert campaign report
Figure 2. Certification campaigns report


  1. "Stage cases" means what cases are open in the current review stage - or were open in a review stage that was last open.

  2. "% complete" is computed based on a percentage of cases that are missing one or more reviewers' response. So if there are e.g. 10 cases total, out of which 8 ones are open in the current stage, out of which are 6 that are completed (i.e. all assigned reviewers have provided their answers), the % complete is shown as 80% (because there are 2 incomplete cases out of 10).

cert case report
Figure 3. Certification cases report


  1. "In stage" is the stage that the case was last considered in. Depending on the review strategy, some cases might be "stopped": they do not advance to next stage after being e.g. revoked in some (previous) stage.

  2. "Reviewers" are reviewers that are currently assigned - or were assigned for a review stage in what this case was last considered in.

  3. "Reviewed by" is a list of all reviewers for all stages up to now.

  4. "Outcome" is a preliminarily computed result for the case for the whole campaign.

  5. "Comments" are joined comments from all reviewers that have provided them.

cert work item
Figure 4. Certification work items report
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