AsciiDoc Fairy Tale

Last modified 26 Apr 2021 13:19 +02:00


Once upon a time there was a small kingdom. The king was old and very wise.

Getting to the Point

The king decreed that everybody in the kingdom should use AsciiDoc. AsciiDoc looked very strange to the people of the kingdom, because they haven’t seen anything but Microsoft Word in their entire life. That AsciiDoc thing looked difficult and ugly. The people were not happy. They complained.

But the king was wise and persistent. He persuaded people to try AsciiDoc. One by one the people started to understand the benefits of long-term maintainability and increased productivity, such as:

  • Easy maintenance of the files in a version control system (gitlab).

  • Easy conversion of the documents to different formats (HTML, PDF, EPUB).

  • No need to care about the styling details (font sizes, spacing, text flow) that break all the time in office text processors.


Finally, the people understood. And they lived happily ever after.