Releasing the Eclipse plugin

Last modified 26 Oct 2021 23:50 +02:00
This functionality is obsolete. It is no longer supported or maintained.

MidPoint plugin for Eclipse for abandoned in favor of MidPoint Studio, which is based on open source IntelliJ platform.

Although the Eclipse plugin was an efficient tool used broadly by the community, maintaining the plugin in Eclipse environment proved to be a challenge. Most of the midPoint developers migrated to IntelliJ platform, and the popularity of the platform was also indicated by our survey. Therefore we have decided to abandon the old and de facto derelict Eclipse plugin. There no plans to maintain the Eclipse plugin any further. You can go ahead and use it if it works for you, but there will be no further improvements, bug fixes or even security fixes.

  1. Replace any occurrences of old version (e.g. 0.10.3) with the new one (e.g. 0.10.4). The easiest way is to search for the string over the whole workspace (except for "target" directories).

  2. Do mvn clean install.

  3. Copy the file com.evolveum.midpoint.eclipse.parent\com.evolveum.midpoint.eclipse.update\target\ into the /var/www/evolveum/downloads/midpoint-eclipse-plugin directory on the distribution server.

  4. Delete all the other files from the directory (perhaps except older .zip distribution files).

  5. Unzip the file:

/var/www/evolveum/downloads/midpoint-eclipse-plugin# unzip
   creating: features/
   creating: plugins/
  inflating: artifacts.jar
  inflating: artifacts.xml.xz
  inflating: content.jar
  inflating: content.xml.xz
  inflating: features/com.evolveum.midpoint.eclipse.feature_0.10.4.201705170733.jar
  inflating: p2.index
  inflating: plugins/com.evolveum.midpoint.eclipse.logviewer_0.10.4.201705170733.jar
  inflating: plugins/com.evolveum.midpoint.eclipse.runtime_0.10.4.201705170733.jar
  inflating: plugins/com.evolveum.midpoint.eclipse.ui_0.10.4.201705170733.jar
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