Using Support Branch

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What is "Support Branch"?

The support branch is created in git after every minor release. The support branch contains the "maintenance development" of maintenance versions of midPoint (see Release Process). Simply speaking the support branch contains the most recent bugfixes. It is used as a place where the bugfixes accumulate until next maintenance release.

The support branch does not contain new features planned for the next major or minor releases. This is contained on a current main development branch (currently master branch). But use of the master may be quite risky as the code is usually not perfectly stable. On the other hand the code on the support branch is almost always reasonably stable.

Location of Support Branch

The support branch is maintained as a branch in our Git repository. It has the name in the form:


Where X.Y is the last minor release. The repository may be fetched by using the usual Git tools. Once you have got the repository you can switch the workspace to the support branch e.g. by using the following command:

git checkout support-4.8

This may vary depending on the specific git tool you are using. Please refer to the documentation of your git tool for the details.

Using the Branch

Once the workspace is switched to the support branch you can build the system normally. E.g. use the instructions described at Installing midPoint Development Snapshot - Source Code page. Just instead of master use the support-4.8 branch name (or whatever support branch name applies to the current release).

Binary files

After new commit into the branch (new content) the jenkins automatically build the snapshot version and place the binary into the repository. The binaries as available also at download page.

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