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There are several ways to install midPoint. Each of the option require different set of step to cover.

In case of first contact see Quick Start guide as a starting point.

How to make a choice

When the decision about the installation came up you have to decide which way to go. There may be already some working part of environment which should be used. You could start from scratch. You may want simply quickly test the application. All these aspects may have impact which installation option to choice.

We want to help you minimize the time you have to spent with installation. This criterion will be important in the most of the installation like demo, test of configuration / Proof of Concept, development, etc.

In all these situations the containers will be the best option for you. There are available containers with the midPoint application containing system dependency - ready to run. There is available description of the configuration, You can quickly address the most common use cases.

The containers are ready also for the cloud installation.

There is available pages focused on:

Traditional installation

There may be the situations when the containers are simply not the case. You could prefer traditional distribution installation for any reason. We are here for you also in these cases.

There is available also option of installation from distribution package. In this case it will take a little bit more time to install. There are thing you will have to cover yourself like to have available correct version of JAVA.

Build from source code

We are open source! In case you are developer or you are simply curious there is also option to install from source code.

We would recommend this option just in case you really want - you know why. Next to the dependency to run the application you need also to have build environment. Next to time needed to build you will need also more storage space in comparison to other installation options because of build process itself.


The technical components of the midPoint installation.

component diagram

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