MidPoint Exercises

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This is a list of exercises for midPoint configuration. It may be used to improve your configuration skills as a follow-up to midPoint Book. It may also be used to self-evaluate your midPoint configuration skills.

1HR FeedVery easyConfigure a simple automatic data feed from an Human Resource system represented by a CSV file.MID-101
2LDAP ProvisioningVery easyCreate a simple midPoint configuration that provisions account to LDAP server.MID-101
3Small LDAP-based CompanyEasyCombine HR Feed, LDAP provisioning and RBAC to set up a configuration for a small company.MID-101
4Nicer Small CompanyEasy-MediumSmall company with a nicer configuration: nicer usernames, database resource, schema, password policy, RBAC.MID-101
5Basic Organizational StructureEasyOrganizational structure (manually-maintained), authorizations, self-service, delegated administration.MID-101
6Basic Entitlement ManagementEasy-MediumEntitlements (LDAP groups), intents, notifications, etc.MID-101
7Synchronize organizational structure to LDAPEasy-MediumSynchronize organization structure from CSV file to LDAP server.MID-102
8Advanced Organizational Structure SynchronizationMediumSynchronize organization structure from incomplete data, set up managers and LDAP groups.MID-102
50Governed IdentitiesHardApply complex governance rules on identity population: policies, multi-stage approvals, SoD, ...MID-102, Governance (planned)
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