Exercise tips

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Entitlements and gensync: groups automatically created for job codes roles automatically created for "team" LDAP groups


  • Archetypes(employee,project,division), view(active employees), assignment relation,

  • provisioning dependencies?

  • provisioning scripts (e.g. create homedir, powershell/exchange?)

  • pre-create and delayed account deletion

  • Role catalog, simple approvals, notifications

  • Simple SoD

  • Manual connector

  • Password hashing, account initialization

  • Password policy, check exception (e.g. custom password dictionary, must not contain username)

  • Self-service password reset

  • Self-service registration

  • Bulk action: recompute active employees, executed manually

  • Recertification campaign

  • Setup custom logo in GUI

  • Custom columns in user list

  • Custom data in summary panel

  • multi-thread tasks

  • Use of REST (authorizations)?


Governed Identities

TODO: * Enroll external workers, assign them to project, approval by project manager, setup up a "sponsor", etc.


In addition to that there is one special requirement. The game of darts is taken very seriously in our company and there is a lot of rivalry. Every few months there is a company-wide championship and the winning team takes possession of Golder Dart Cup. The employees insist that their team has to be designed as the champion in the IDM system. Therefore we have to do several things:

  • Create a custom extension properties for dart championship. Each team should have a property that indicates whether that team is the champion. We also want timestamp that tells when the team won the championship for the last time.

  • We need to customize the summary panel in team details page. The panel should clearly state that a particular team is current champion.

  • We need a custom task that awards the cup and set particular team to be a chamption. The task should make sure that only one team is a champion. The task should reset the champion flag of the previous champion and update timestamps accordingly. As administrator cannot be bothered to adjust task parameters all the time, we want an ability to execute this task from the context menu of team list. Therefore administrator will go to the team organizational structure and execute the task from the menu.

Large Scale Deployment

  • Millions of identities

  • Livesync and recon

  • Cluster, at least 4 nodes

  • Load balancer

  • Cluster: multi-node tasks

  • Thresholds

  • Dashboards (resorces down, failed operation in 24h)

    • Custom fields in audit log, custom dashboard based on audit log

  • Audit log data pump/SIEM/ELK

  • DB table as source

  • In exercise use 100k identities. But setup as if you had millions.

  • Dedicated GUI and "task" nodes

  • Very simple orgstuct

  • LDAP groups, (large LDAP groups?)


  • Assignment parameters (parametric roles)

  • Personas

  • Semi-manual connector

  • Inbound multiaccounts

  • Data protection

LDAP Posix Account

  • Sequences for uidNumber and gidNumber

  • Auxiliary object classes → LDAP?

  • Both LDAP groups and posix groups


  • Overlay project

  • post-initial objects

  • ITSM plugin

  • Complex connector (e.g. complex attributes)

  • Custom form (java)

  • Custom service

  • Custom task handler