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Ninja does not provide unlock or password reset operations explicitly. Normally administrator can do this via GUI. It may happen that administrator locks out itself from the system, in which case we recommend to reinitialize the object:

Administrator object refresh from the initial object import --input <midpoint>/doc/config/initial-objects/050-user-administrator.xml --overwrite

Now, this is rather a drastic measure - let’s modify the existing user instead. First we need to export it.

If you want to use Ninja for midPoint running with H2 database (which is sensible only for testing), the application must be stopped first. Other databases have dedicated servers and Ninja can be used while midPoint is running.
Exporting administrator user by OID export --oid 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000002 --output admin.xml

Alternatively, you can use type option and filter to specify name (don’t forget the --overwrite option, if the file already exists):

Exporting user by name export --type user --filter '% name = "administrator"' --output admin.xml

Now is the time to carefully edit the object XML. If a single object is in the XML (which is our case), you can remove the <objects> wrapper element. This may actually help with code completion if midPoint Studio is used.

Typical fixes to shape up the uncooperative user object are:

  • Remove administrativeStatus and effectiveStatus elements from the top-level activation element (be sure not to modify activation under assignments inadvertently). This should fix any problems with disabled user.

  • If you forgot the password, change the whole content of the credentials/password/value element to this snippet (must be inside the value element):


After the fixes, it’s time to push the object back into the repository. Import process can handle both plain object or objects inside <object> container. Use the following command:

Importing the fixed user object
./bin/ import --input admin.xml --overwrite

Now you should enjoy easy administrator login. Of course, this works for any user object, but using the GUI with working administrator is the way to go.

If you changed the password in this way, don’t forget to change it immediately to something more solid. This will also properly encrypt it in the object representation, as expected.
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