Installing MidPoint 4.4.2 "Tesla" Update 2 From Binary Distribution

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This page describes the steps required to install midPoint from a binary distribution. MidPoint is a Java web application distributed in a form of a stand-alone self-contained server. All that is essentially needed is to unpack the distribution archive and run the server.

This document describes the generic case suitable for trying out midPoint. For more complex installation scenarios please see Installation Guide.

Release Notes
Before you start the installation please make sure to see Release Notes, for list of environments that are known to work and for the list of known issues in current release.


MidPoint is a Java application, therefore it requires Java platform to run on. Java 17 is a recommended platform for MidPoint 4.4.2. Alternatively, Java 11 can be used. Other Java platform versions are not supported. Java platform distributions based on OpenJDK are recommended. Other JDK builds (e.g. Oracle) may work as well, but those have limited support for midPoint (see release notes for the details).

JAVA_HOME environment variable should point to the Java installation path.


Download the midPoint binary release according to the following table:

MidPoint 4.4.2 Binary Distribution

Unpack the archive file to a convenient location. Following instructions will refer to the relative paths inside this archive.

Start MidPoint

All that remains is to start midPoint server up:

Starting midPoint (Linux)
Starting midPoint (Windows)

Try MidPoint

Log in to the midPoint administration console using the following URL:





User dashboard should be displayed after login. In case of any problems, please check midPoint logs in var/log/ directory.

What To Do Next?

For a quick introduction to use of midPoint please follow the Quick Start Guide or read through the midPoint book to get familiar with midPoint.

MidPoint is using embedded H2 database by default to store its data. The embedded H2 database is find for first steps with midPoint, demo environments, development and similar non-production purposes. It is not supported for any pre-production and production use. PostgreSQL database has to be used for any serious midPoint deployment. Please see native PostgreSQL repository page for installation details.

The Stand-Alone Deployment page describes layout of the installation directory.

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