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MidPoint Home Directory is a filesystem directory that provides a home to midPoint installation. It is a directory that midPoint uses to store initial configuration, cryptographic keys, log files and similar "variable" content.

Those are data that are not well suited for identity repository (database). Initial configuration, log files, connector JAR files, schema customizations and other such low-level entities can be found in the midpoint.home directory.

Setting Location of MidPoint Home Directory

Easiest way to set the location of midpoint home directory is to set MIDPOINT_HOME environment variable before midPoint start script is executed (applies to stand-alone deployment on UNIX systems).

In other cases the midpoint.home directory can be specified by setting the midpoint.home JVM property (hence the name). Setting the property depends on the application server or web container that is used to run midPoint but it is usually a variation of the following JVM command-line option:


Default Setting

The default setting on midPoint home depends on a way how midPoint was deployed.

For stand-alone deployment (which is the default) midPoint home directory is located in var sub-directory of midPoint installation. E.g. if midPoint was installed in /opt/midpoint then midPoint home directory will be located in /opt/midpoint/var. This location is determined by startup shell scripts and explicitly passed to midPoint by using midpoint.home JVM option. For UNIX system the location of midPoint home directory can be easily changed by setting MIDPOINT_HOME environment variable.

For Tomcat deployment the default setting of midpoint.home is a midpoint subdirectory of the home directory of the user that runs the application server (web container). Therefore it is usually /home/username/midpoint on UNIX systems or \Documents and Settings\username on Windows systems. This is also the case if stand-alone startup scripts were modified and the midpoint.home option is not provided at startup, or if you run the midpoint.war directly using java command, e.g. java -jar midpoint.war.

MidPoint will try to create the midpoint.home directory if it does not already exist and midPoint has the rights to do so.

Directory Structure

Directory / File Description Notes


location for all ICF based connectors

Some connectors are bundled with Midpoint or can be found in Identity Connectors section.


location for all Sun IDM API adapters

This adapters are licensed separately by their owners.


location for custom JDBC drivers or other custom libraries

Tested with stand-alone deployment


logging directory


location for all extension schemas


location for all localization files


startup logging configuration

See Initial Logging Setup HOWTO


initial midPoint configuration file

See the next section.

Configuration file

File config.xml located in midpoint.home directory is the initial midPoint configuration file.

This is not to be confused with System Configuration Object which is already a midPoint object stored repository.

See Overriding config.xml parameters page for ways how to override values in config.xml from the command line.

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