MidPoint Common Schema

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MidPoint Common Schema defines basic concepts that almost all IDM deployments will use. It defines the concepts as IDM system understands them such as user, account, role, organizational unit, etc. It defines objects in a form that is used to store them in the repository and import/export them. It is mostly independent of the environment and business logic. It does not depend on what resources are used, what object types do they provide, how the approvals are implemented, etc. This is the core model of our system. This schema is static, it is known at compile time, it is part of interface definitions and it is mostly hardcoded into the system. However even though the schema is hardcoded it is still extensible at the proper extension points.


As midPoint is based on Prism Objects the MidPoint Common Schema is based on Prism Schema. MidPoint Common Schema is using prism annotations to mark objects and property containers. However, MidPoint Common Schema defines its own types for ObjectType, object references and so on. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly we want to keep a single namespace for the entire schema. This simplifies the day-to-day work by avoiding a letter soup of various namespace prefixes. Secondly, some of the Prism schema concepts are slightly extended in midPoint.


Basic Object Types

Schema Concepts

Inline documentation

Most data types and items are documented in-line in the XSD schema definition files. Please see the current XSD definition from the source-code repository for the latest version. The processed documentation is available in a form of SchemaDoc.

Object, Property, Property Container, Generic Object, Object Reference, …​

MidPoint schema is based on Prism Schema. Therefore please refer to the Prism Schema page for description of the Basic Prism Schema concepts.

Object Types

Following table summarizes links to docs pages that provide detailed explanation of selected object types.

Object type Page Other related pages







Shadow Objects



Connector Host






Object supertype


All the object types are described inline in XSD schema files or you can access the formated documentation in SchemaDoc form.

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