Form Follows Purpose

Last modified 22 Apr 2021 17:31 +02:00

The design and architecture of the midPoint system is always a work in progress. No reasonable architecture should be created without interaction with reality, and we definitely do not try to follow the "big design upfront" pattern. The architecture is created only to guide our efforts as we develop the system. It is expected to change if it is difficult to implement, hard to use or if it is not suitable for the needs.

We follow pragmatic principles. It is reality that matters. It is the concrete product, not the abstract idea, that midPoint users need. The result is our primary focus, out highest priority, and we look only at that. We try to avoid hypes and false promises. We try to test and validate as soon as possible. Our architecture, design and implementation ("form") must adapt to what the users need ("purpose"), not the other way around.

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