System Configuration GUI

Last modified 11 Apr 2022 18:26 +02:00

This page summarizes result of tests of 4.5 after new Sysconfig GUI using tiles was introduced. Most of the System Configuration (SystemConfigurationType) elements can be configured via GUI, the rest is mentioned at the end of this document.

The following list is structured based on existing tiles (in 4.5) - for each tile there is a separate list of detail sections and how these map to the SystemConfigurationType elements. Elements marked with * are multi-value, which often means GUI table, but not always. Known issues are linked from the relevant places.

System configuration

This covers multiple elements directly under System Configuration object that do not deserve their own section.

  • Basic: globalSecurityPolicyRef + modelHooks non-container list (edit bug MID-7868) + basic object attributes (inherited, not sysconfig specific)

  • Deployment: deploymentInformation container, including logo (IconType)

  • Infrastructure: infrastructure container

  • Full text search: fullTextSearch container (after enabling it, the option to enable/disable full text search as default would be handy - ideally right here, at least from user’s perspective)


  • Object policies: defaultObjectPolicyConfiguration* container

  • Global policy rules: globalPolicyRule* container

  • Global projection policy: globalAccountSynchronizationSettings container

  • Cleanup policy: cleanupPolicy container (MID-7825)


  • Event handlers: notificationConfiguration/handler*

  • Mail transports: messageTransportConfiguration/mail* (buggy server edit, it’s not container, MID-7815)

  • SMS transports: messageTransportConfiguration/sms* (buggy gateway edit, it’s not container, MID-7815)

  • File transports: messageTransportConfiguration/file*

  • Custom transports: messageTransportConfiguration/customTransport*

  • Legacy: notificationConfiguration/mail + file


  • Logging: logging (rootLoggerAppender, rootLoggerLevel, auditing), how to edit advanced? (MID-7821)

  • Class loggers: logging/classLogger*

  • Appenders: logging/appender*


  • Profiling configuration: profilingConfiguration

  • Profiling entry/exit sets PROFILING logger (entry/exit = DEBUG, args = TRACE) (MID-7859)

Admin GUI

  • Basic: adminGuiConfiguration (MID-7851, MID-7884)

  • Additional menu links: adminGuiConfiguration/additionalMenuLink* (MID-7887)

  • "User" dashboard links: adminGuiConfiguration/userDashboardLink* (MID-7886)

  • Object colleciton views: adminGuiConfiguration/objectCollectionViews* (MID-7885)

  • Object detail views: adminGuiConfiguration/objectDetails (objectDetailsPage* and shadowDetailsPage*)

  • User dashboards: adminGuiConfiguration/userDashboard (seems like a table, but maxOccurs="1"?)

Workflow configuration

  • Workflow configuration: workflowConfiguration basic attributes

  • Execution tasks: workflowConfiguration/executionTasks

  • Primary change processor: workflowConfiguration/primaryChangeProcessor

  • General change processor: workflowConfiguration/generalChangeProcessor (MID-7869)

Role management

  • Basic: roleManagement (MID-7873)

  • Relations: roleManagement/relations/relation* (missing includeDefaultRelations MID-7874)


  • internals container

Access certification

  • accessCertification container

Unsupported on GUI:

  • connectorFramework

  • providedService

  • mergeConfiguration

  • expressions

  • audit

  • correlation