Application Design

Last modified 08 Sep 2022 11:24 +02:00
This page is work in progress.

This document describes example of attributes that should be defined for the application. This does not represent visual display of the role, nor all the attributes. Attributes are not named exactly according to elements in midPoint schema. The document is showing more a user’s point of view.

Application shall be based on service object. Attributes of the service object should follow the midpoint schema, and may be expanded by additional attributes.

Almost all attributes of the application should be visible to end-users via GUI. Only exception is the additional configuration - the part of role configuration that can’t be displayed via GUI - only available via XML.

  • Application name - name of the application

  • Description - free text - description of the application

  • Documentation - free text - documentation of the application - for administrators and Role manager - not visible via self-service gui

  • Application type - link to some possible additional archetype(s) for managing roles

  • Owner - link to the midPoint user - acting as an owner of the application.