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Methods & Proposal for Metadata Guiding Principles for Scholarly Communications

Paper about Metadata 2020 - interoperable academic metadata. Very general paper, mostly about principles, e.g.: metadata 2020 principles:

  • COMPATIBLE: provide a guide to content for machines and people. So, metadata must be as open, interoperable, parsable, machine actionable, and human readable as possible.

  • COMPLETE: reflect the content, components and relationships as published. So, metadata must be as complete and comprehensive as possible.

  • CREDIBLE: enable content discoverability and longevity. So, metadata must be of clear provenance, trustworthy and accurate.

  • CURATED: reflect updates and new elements. So, metadata must be maintained over time.


JLINC Protocol (Data portability)

Simple protocol to establish a data-sharing agreement based on Standard Information Sharing Agreement (SISA).


Metadata 2020

Interesting initiative for interoperable metadata. For now there is mostly guidance, principles and usecases. It is worth watching.