Removing obsolete information

Last modified 22 Apr 2021 17:31 +02:00

During midPoint operation, some data items gradually gather in the repository. Typical examples are the following: tasks and audit records.

Therefore, midPoint provides a feature that automatically cleans-up the repository with respect to these items. A system task named Cleanup runs (by default) every 24 hours and removes tasks and audit records older than predefined time value. Its default configuration is the following:

<c:cleanupPolicy xmlns:c="">

This configuration causes the cleanup task to remove all audit records older than three months (see the ISO 8601 specification) and all closed tasks that are more than one month after their completion.

Note: More precisely, when removing the tasks, only root tasks are considered. When a root task is removed, all of its subtasks (that should be completed before the root) are removed as well.