MidPoint Configuration Reference

Last modified 15 Nov 2021 11:25 +01:00

This is a reference documentation for midPoint administration and configuration. Following documents describe the details of midPoint configuration, behavior, customization options and all the other details that are necessary to use midPoint to its full potential.

This is a reference documentation. Its purpose is depth and breath of information. Each page is dedicated to a particular topic. However, the pages are not ordered in a logical, easy-to-read ordering. Therefore it may be confusing for people that are new to midPoint.

For an easy-to-read introduction to midPoint we highly recommend starting with MidPoint Book or videos on Evolveum YouTube channel. High-level description of midPoint features can be found in Current MidPoint Features part of this site. Instructions for handling particular tasks may also be found in MidPoint Guides, Tutorials and HOWTOs section.

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