Last modified 22 Apr 2021 17:31 +02:00

Logging in ICF Connectors

Most of the logging of ICF connectors is integrated with midPoint logging. Therefore setting a correct logger in midPoint will result in changed logging setup of the connector. The appropriate class name is usually state in the connector documentation.

However, there is one issue. If the connector or any of its libraries use obsolete java.util.logging (also known as JUL) then the midPoint logging setting will not not work. The JUL is not designed to work well with classloaders and dynamic logging configuration. ICF is using classloaders and midPoint is usign dynamic logging configuration therefore the JUL fails miserably in this case. Yet there is a workaround. The logging can still be configured by using the ancient logging.properties cofiguration file:

  1. Create logging.properties configuration file in application of web container class path. E.g. if you are using Tomcat then a good place is <tomcat-root>/lib/logging.properties}. The file may look like this:.logging.properties

org.dinosaur.lost.in.past.level = FINER
expect4j.Expect4j.level = ALL
  1. Restart web container

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