Search using Shadow Attributes

Last modified 07 May 2024 15:02 +02:00

Query Language parsing requires access to schema definitions to be present and shadow attributes are special case that their definition depends on resource and shadow object class.

There are two types of shadow attributes search in Query language:


Shadow schema definition could be determined from place, where filter is used (eg. GUI - Resource Object views). There is no need to specify additional shadow properties and resource in query.


Shadow schema definition could not be determined from place, where filter is used. (eg. Generic search queries, dereferencing shadow objects in queries). Additional shadow properties and resource needs to be specified in query.

In some places in GUI and configuration the resource and shadow object class is determined by context and you could query shadow attributes directly without need to specify shadow resource.

Simple Attributes query example
attributes/email startsWith "jsmith"

You can use simple format of query (just attributes) in:

  • GUI - Resource Details: Accounts, Entitlements, Generics and Resource Objects panels

  • Configuration (currently only in):

    • Resource Configuration

      • Protected Objects pattern

      • Delineation patterns

    • AssociationTargetSearch expressions

In places, where attributes schema can not be determined by query usage context, in order to search in shadow attributes you need to add to your query also conditions for:

  • resourceRef: Resource on which shadow is present, currently only matching resource using oid is supported for querying attributes.

  • shadow object class specification, one of:

    • kind and intent: Kind and intent of shadow. Eg.

    • objectClass (since 4.8.3): Object Class of shadow, you need to use also ri prefix. Eg. objectClass = "ri:AccountObjectClass"

Without using resourceRef, kind and intent or objectClass in query, midPoint can not determine shadow attributes schema and parsing query will result in error, that there is no definition for attributes.


Searching shadows using kind and intent
resourceRef matches (oid = "20ba8cfc-5606-4549-9c9c-c519b7fa2490")
and kind = "account"
and intent = "default"
and attributes/email startsWith "jsmith"
Searching shadows using objectClass
resourceRef matches (oid = "20ba8cfc-5606-4549-9c9c-c519b7fa2490")
and objectClass = "ri:AccountObjectClass"
and attributes/email startsWith "jsmith"
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