Query in midPoint

Last modified 12 Jan 2024 10:50 +01:00

MidPoint works with objects of various types. These objects can be part of the running midPoint process in memory, stored persistently in midPoint repository, or can represent objects on the resources. MidPoint query provides option for selection only the objects that match specified criteria.

Initial option for searching objects in GUI is Basic search. The basic search allows users to query objects in view by selecting values of preselected object attributes or relations. It is configurable by engineer. This search is designed for end users and is available only in GUI.

The midPoint Query Language is universal language used to search for objects. It can be used in GUI, or in configuration objects - in all places where we need to look for an object. It can be used even in groovy scripts within configuration. This query language is known as Advanced search in GUI.

You can use also XML Query Language. This was the original option for querying data. It is not entirely user-friendly. This language is deprecated. It is still supported, but we strongly recommend switch to midPoint Query Language.

This section describes usage and configuration details of:

It should be mentioned, that midPoint provides also Full text search option. It is available only for searching of specific data in GUI. The full text search is not enabled by default and must be configured by engineer. The full text search was introduces just for user convenience. It definitely does not provide options and power of midPoint Query Language.

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