Execution Mode

Last modified 27 Oct 2021 12:21 +02:00

Here we describe the options for executionMode setting of activities.

Mode Meaning Supported by


Full execution mode. Changes are computed and also executed.

All activities.


A preview (simulation) of changes: Changes are computed, but nothing is executed. Used for example to check the thresholds before the full (real) execution. In the future midPoint may also store the computed changes for later analysis.

See note below.


Nothing is executed. Just metadata are handled. E.g. during reconciliation only situations in shadows are set.

See note below.


Items are fetched from repository or resource, but no specific processing is executed. This is very similar to dryRun, but - technically speaking - items are discarded right after being fetched from the source. Provisioning pre-processing of shadows may or may not be done, depending on the implementation. This mode is used just to test the object retrieval process.

Multi-threading capable activities.


In this mode no items are really fetched. Only the size of individual buckets is measured (if supported by the item provider, e.g. the resource).

Multi-node capable activities.

The preview and dryRun execution modes are supported by the following activities:

  • synchronization ones: import, live synchronization, reconciliation,

  • recomputation activity.