Workflow Interactions

Last modified 15 Nov 2021 14:56 +01:00
This page is outdated, it contains information that was not updated in a long time. The described functionality may or may not work. Do not rely on information provided on this page.

Add Role with Approval

First, an overall schema of communication between model and workflow module.

model workflow interaction

A detailed description follows. In this scenario, user requests assignment of a new role. The role assignment is a subject to approval. Approval is being executed by handing the request to embedded workflow system (activiti). This is an example of an asynchronous user modification process.

Warning: this detailed diagram is, in a way, obsolete. Although it show the basic idea of the interaction subsystems interaction correctly, many details (e.g. that individual assignments are being approved in separate subtasks) are not correct w.r.t. current version of midPoint.

As time would allow this diagram will be updated.

Add role with approval

The most recent version of the diagram is in the SVN (may be work in progress).