Testing midPoint pre-releases

Last modified 28 Oct 2021 11:18 +02:00

This page provides a guidelines for testing midPoint in "feature freeze" stage. This is usually the stage when all the features are implemented and roughly tested. This state begins few weeks before midPoint release. This is the time when all feature development is stopped and intense testing and bugfixing takes place. This state lasts for a few weeks and ends with midPoint release.

Any bugs identified during this stage will be most likely fixed in the immediate midPoint release. Any bugs identified after that release will be fixed in the next release (unless a midPoint subscriber asks for a backport) - which is usually approx. 6 months later. Therefore anyone interested in using midPoint is strongly advised to take part in the pre-release testing after midPoint feature freeze.

Getting and installing midPoint pre-releases

Building pre-releases from source code

Simply use source code from the master branch.

Getting binary pre-releases

Our continuous integration server (Bamboo) is building the source code every night. You can get a binary from Evolveum Nexus: https://nexus.evolveum.com/


Simply set up midPoint in a way that you need for your deployment. Make sure that all the functionality that you need works.

A good way is to start by using the Configuration Samples.

Reporting a bug

Please use our Jira to report a bug (free registration is needed). Please see the Creating a Bug Report page.

Please follow the Usual Troubleshooting Steps to make sure that your issue is a midPoint bug and not just a configuration problem.

If you are not sure you can use Mailing Lists to discuss the issue that you are experiencing.

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