Evolveum Demo Sample

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Basic Idea

The demo shows a small organization using Evolveum team members as examples. The goal is to show midPoint features such as:

  • User management

  • Organziational structure

  • Role catalog

  • …​


Import all the XML files from the sample directory.

midPoint setup up:

  • Setup up user template in the system configuration

  • Setup up org template in the system configuration

  • Set up role catalog in system configuration (<roleManagement><roleCatalogRef oid="00000000-ee88-6666-0000-c00000000000"/></roleManagement>)



CSV resource that contains simple employee data.

CSV file setup

Copy hr.csv file from samples/evolveum to midpoint.home/resources/


Target resource.

DN suffix: dc=evolveum,dc=net

OpenLDAP Setup

mkdir /var/lib/ldap/evolveum-net
chown openldap:openldap /var/lib/ldap/evolveum-net
slapdconf create-suffix dc=evolveum,dc=net --dbDir=/var/lib/ldap/evolveum-net --rootPassword secret
slapdconf add-schema -f samples/evolveum/midpoint.schema
ldapadd -H ldapi:/// -D "cn=admin,dc=evolveum,dc=net" -w secret -f samples/evolveum/evolveum-net.ldif
slapdconf set-suffix-acis dc=evolveum,dc=net < samples/evolveum/evolveum-net.aci


username password description






manager of serveral orgs
role approver

Job Roles

There are several job roles that are automatically assigned: CEO, Software Developer, IDM Engineers, etc. These roles are automatically assigned in the user template based on the value of title property. This property is inbound mapped from the HR job attribute.

Organizational Structure

There is a functional organizational structure with divisions and departments. Some organizational units have managers (semancik, ifarinic; they have Manager role). The managers are delegated administrators and approvers. They can see people in their parts of organizational structure.

Functional organizational structure membership is automatically assigned in user template based on the value of organizationalUnit property. This is inbound mapped from HR orgId attribute.

There is also project organizational structure. But this not really used now.

Role Catalog

There is a simple role catalog with couple of applications. The roles in "Jira" application also have corresponding LDAP groups. The devel, admin ans write roles are subject to approval. The reader roles do not have approval. The aditor roles are not requestable at all.

role approver

Jira Administrator


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