Delegator Clause

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The object matches this selector clause if it has an active delegation assignment to the object specified by inner object selector.

An example:

When a subject want so see what are their delegates (i.e., users that are given some authorities of the subject), it needs to have a read authorization against these users. The reason is that the delegation assignments are not stored in the delegator object, but in the delegate objects. So we must select all users whose delegator is the current subject.

Listing 1. Authorization that allows reading selected items from delegates of the current user

So, for example, if joe, ann, and mary are delegates of jack, then jack should have the above authorization to allow him to see assignment, roleMembershipRef, and delegatedRef items of those three users.

The delegator clause in the above example should be read like this: "I am a delegator for the object`"; or, in other words, "The `object has a delegator and that’s me (self)".


  1. Currently, only self clause can be specified as the inner object selector.

  2. Objects considered by this selector are limited to UserType type.

  3. This clause is not supported for search pre-processing (e.g. #search authorization).

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