MidPoint JAR Signature Status

Last modified 26 Jan 2024 10:44 +01:00
Since 4.8.1
This functionality is available since version 4.8.1.

In order to provide an indication of midPoint build origin, the JAR file is signed by us during the build process. This signature is then checked during the startup of midPoint, and the result is displayed on the About page. There are currently three options there:

Official Build

Here midpoint.jar has a signature that was made by us, and is valid.

The "Official build by Evolveum" message is displayed, along with the green "tick" icon.

JAR - official build
Figure 1. An example of the official build

Unofficial Build

Here midpoint.jar has either no signature, or an invalid one, or a valid one but not done by us. It is also possible that there is no midpoint.jar here, e.g. if midPoint is run from IDE.

The "Unofficial build" message is displayed, along with the yellow "exclamation mark" icon.

JAR - unofficial build
Figure 2. An example of an unofficial build


As a special case, overlay build cannot be signed by us, as midpoint.jar is re-packaged by the overlay build. To avoid the "Unofficial build" message, the overlay should be marked by the presence of overlay-info.txt file. In such cases, midPoint recognizes it, and displays a special "overlay" message.

JAR - overlay
Figure 3. An example of an overlay build
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