Provisioning Propagation

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Provisioning propagation feature
This page is an introduction to Provisioning propagation midPoint feature. Please see the feature page for more details.
Since 3.7.1
This functionality is available since version 3.7.1.

MidPoint is quite an eager system. Every time there is a need to change something on the resource midPoint executes it immediately. This is the best option with quick, efficient on-line resources. However, the world is not a perfect place. Therefore there are resources that are neither quick nor efficient. And then there is a broad class of manual resources. Both cases have one thing in common: resource operations are expensive. And while midPoint eagerness is a good thing in a normal case it can cause a lot of troubles if resource operations are slow and expensive.

Therefore there is a way to reduce midPoint eagerness by using a propagation task. In this case midPoint will not execute operation on a resource immediately. Requested changes will get queued for (reasonably short) time. Then midPoint will execute all the changes at once in a single operation. This approach can significantly reduce the number of executed operations - especially in scenarios where many roles are requested and approved in short periods of time.

See Provisioning Propagation Configuration page for configuration details.

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