Module correlation

Last modified 07 May 2024 11:15 +02:00

Correlation module gives the possibility to find identity(es) (user object(s) for now) in midpoint using correlation mechanism within authentication process. This module is used during Identity recovery flow as the second authentication module.

The specified in the module correlators are processed one by one till the only identity is found by the correlators, or till the last correlator is proceeded. In case no identity is found after the last correlator, the list of candidates from the correlators results are considered to be a list of found identities.

Name Description Required Type


The definition of the correlator. Within this element correlatorIdentifier (should match 'name' attribute of the correlator set in object template) and order (the order during processing) are defined.




Used to set some options for correlation module. For now contains the only candidateLimit element which restricts the maximum count of the found identities to the specified in this element number.



Example of correlation module
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