Activity State Overview Maintenance

Last modified 20 Oct 2021 00:48 +02:00
This feature is experimental. It means that it is not intended for production use. The feature is not finished. It is not stable. The implementation may contain bugs, the configuration may change at any moment without any warning and it may not work at all. Use at your own risk. This feature is not covered by midPoint support. In case that you are interested in supporting development of this feature, please consider purchasing midPoint Platform subscription.

Even if activities execute in multiple tasks, it is crucial to be able to get an overview of their state quickly. That’s why midPoint stores selected basic information directly in the root task. There are some settings that govern this process.

Usually there’s no need to modify the default settings.

Item Meaning Default


How often should be the progress in the activity tree state overview updated? The value is in milliseconds.

The interval should be such that its value divided by the number of workers should yield a reasonable time (e.g. no less than a couple of seconds).

9000 for regular tasks, 60000 for worker tasks


For what activities is the progress updated?


Progress update mode values:

Value Meaning


Progress is always updated, even for the activities residing in the root task.


Progress is updated only for activities that do not reside in the root task.


Progress is never updated.

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