Security Advisory: Authorizations not applied properly to preview changes

Last modified 14 Feb 2024 10:22 +01:00

Date: 30 July 2019

Severity: Medium (CVSS 4.3)

Affected versions: all released midPoint versions

Fixed in versions: 4.0 (unreleased), 3.9.1 (unreleased)


Authorizations not applied properly to the results of "preview changes" functionality.

Severity and Impact

In the "preview changes" screen user can see information that that user is not authorized to see. Authorizations are not properly applied to preview deltas. Therefore if user’s actions results in a computed value such value is displayed in the "preview changes" even if user is not authorized to see it.


Users of affected MidPoint versions are advised to upgrade their deployments to the latest builds from the support branches. Users of midPoint 3.8 and earlier are advised to upgrade to midPoint 3.9.

As this is a medium severity issue, it is not forcing official maintenance releases of midPoint. The fix is provided in support branch for midPoint 3.9.x. The fix is not provided in support branches of midPoint 3.8.x and earlier due to a code incompatibility. Fix for midPoint 3.8.x and earlier will be provided on an explicit request of midPoint subscriber.

Discussion and Explanation

MidPoint provides "preview changes" functionality that can be used to see changes that are about to be executed before actual execution. This "preview" consists of several parts, e.g. the state of the objects before the change, state of the objects after the change, deltas that represent the change and so on. Authorizations were applied to the objects in the preview section, but the authorizations were not applied to the deltas. Therefore in case that user’s change caused a different change in items that the user cannot see, that information may be leaked in the deltas.

The fix for this vulnerability was not provided for midPoint 3.8.x and earlier. The code has changed since the release of midPoint 3.8 and backport of the fix is not straightforward. As this is not a serious vulnerability and the impact is very limited, we have chosen to prioritize more serious issues and not spend development resource to fix this issue in an old code. Users of midPoint 3.8.x and earlier are advised to upgrade to midPoint 3.9. In a case that this vulnerability is considered to be a serious risk for midPoint subscribers running 3.8.x and 3.7.x that are not possible to upgrade, such subscribers are advised to contact Evolveum and request backport of this fix.


This issue was reported by Petr Gašpark by the means of EU-Free and Open Source Software Auditing (EU-FOSSA2) project.

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