Provisioning Service Interface

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This page is outdated, it contains information that was not updated in a long time. The described functionality may or may not work. Do not rely on information provided on this page.

Version: 0.4
Status: Public
Stability:DRAFT, some changes expected
Platform: Java
Dependencies:*Data Model
*Responsible person:
Radovan Semancik


The provisioning interface can be used to read data from the resources and apply changes to the resources. Implementations of this interface carry our provisioning tasks on resources: creating accounts, adding accounts to groups, managing account attributes, etc. It can be used to manage numerous types of resource objects, e.g. groups, roles, organizational units.

For general introduction to interface concepts please see Common Interface Concepts page.

The types of resource objects that a specific resource supports is defined by the resource schema. Resource schema is dynamic, available only at run-time, therefore it is not part of this interface definition. This interface only provides access to the resource schema, but does not define its content.

The specific features of this interface depend on capabilities of the resource. E.g. some resources may be able to force password change, others may not.

This interface is an extension of generic Object Access Interface. Supported object types:

Supported extra data types:


Version Date Description Change Author

0.1 (OpenIDM)

Summer 2010

Initial version. WSDL-based ESB interface

Radovan Semancik


April 2011

Removed ESB dependency, now it is Java interface generated from WSDL

Radovan Semancik


July 2011

Switched to native java representation

Radovan Semancik


September 2011

Added class (type) at all methods, switched to Java Generics

Radovan Semancik


In-line in the interface definition. Please see Artifacts below.


Artifact Version Path Description

Interface definition


Well-commented Java specification of this interface.

Interface documentation


complete javadoc, ProvisioningService

Javadoc documentation of the interface.