Starting with new repository

Last modified 25 Oct 2021 16:44 +02:00
This is work-in-progress document for feature still in development!

Most of the content was migrated to official document here.

The rest left in this document is mostly for developers.

Running tests with new repository

New repository has its own tests in repo-sqale module. Tests from repo-sql-impl-test are not usable for new repository at all, but the module contains support for running later integration tests with the new repository.

To run integration tests (e.g. from model-intest or story modules) with the new repo, you have to enable Maven profile named sqale. Under the hood it adds JVM argument -Dtest.config.file=test-config-new-repo.xml for Surefire and Failsafe test plugins. This JVM argument also has to be used in IDEA run configurations for tests with new repository.

Further -Dmidpoint.repository.jdbc*=…​ arguments can be added to point to the non-default database. Check the test-config-new-repo.xml in midPoint project for the default values.

Dedicated Postgres database must be running just like for normal operation.

Vagrantbox with new DB

If you’re a friend with Vagrant, you can use this Vagrant box prepared for new repository with Postgres 13. Just check the IP of the VirtualBox adapter on the host and adjust the IPs in Vagrantfile and provided config.xml.

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