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Last modified 22 Feb 2022 22:18 +01:00


Work done

  • Implemented base BindingContext

  • Implemented base CodeGenerator and basic support for PlainStructured, Containerable and Objectable contracts

  • Implemented abstract bases for Contairable and Objectable classes, thus less duplicate code is generated.

  • Implemented EnumerationTypeDefinition support

  • Generation of Enumeration contract

  • Maven plugin

In Progress

  • Hashcode, clone and equals for PlainStructured

Missing work

  • Generation of Interface variants of PlainStructured, Containerable and Objectable contracts

Design Overview


Mapping between Java interfaces and Prism definitions


API characteristic and behaviour of generated Prism Object


Binding and contracts in general defines how the prism definition or type is mapped to Java code such as it’s class name, method names for accessing nested data / items, names of constants, etc.

This separation is done, so in future BindingContext could be used to simplify class scanning and reflection used in BeanMarshaller / Unmarshaller

Contracts (based on structure of type)

Any simple type, which holds one 'unstructured' value eg. number, string, URI.


A Simple Type which has explicitly enumerated set of possible values, it is possible to represent it as java Enumeration


Type, which represents data consisting of multiple named items, in XSD it is represented as ComplexTypeDefinition. Structured contract defines how to access and mutate this data, but does not specify their implementation / storage.


An Structured contract, which is translation wrapper using PrismContainerValue as actual data storage.


An Containerable contract, which represents PrismObject and is using PrismContainerValue as storage.


An Structured conract which uses java fields to store data. Similar to native JAXB generated objects.

Code Generator

Code Generator does not work with Prism schema directly, but rather via Binding which defines contracts which should be implemented.

Code of Code generator consists of main CodeGenerator class which defines basic steps in code generation process and contract-specific generators, which contains specific code generation code for such contracts.


Generates basic structure of Structured type - getters, setters, item name constants


Generates implementation of type using AbstractMutableContainerble, body of getters and setters using class


Extends ContainerableGenerator and generates additional methods required by objectable contract.

JAXB Dependencies & removal

  • Seems that JAXB dependencies are mostly used only for interfaces and annotations

  • No JAXB runtime in SchemaRegistry - class discovery process is custom

    • Current implementation still requires javax.xml.bind.annotation annotations in generated code and javax.xml.bind.JAXBElement

  • Generated code and Prism relies on org.jvnet.jaxb2_commons.lang for HashCode and Equals strategy

    • Interfaces enforce us to support ObjectLocator patterns, but we do not use them. We could simplify code generation of hashCode and equals strategies with our own interfaces for that.

    • BeanMarshaller and BeanUnmarshaller uses reflection and knowledge of JAXB mapping to implement mapping, does not use JAXB directly.

    • XmlTypeConverter uses jaxb DataTypeFactory to create XMLGregorianCalendars and

Future proposed changes

These changes requires client code changes across whole midPoint

  • Change mapping of datetime from GregorianCalendar to java.time

  • Change mapping of duration from xml.Duration to java.time.Duration

    • First PrismPropertyValues should stop accepting GregorianCalendar, then change generated code

  • Change mapping of PolyStringType to PolyString

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