Logging Configuration

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MidPoint is using LogBack library for logging. LogBack has many logging options. However, only two are well-supported in midPoint: logging to file and logging to syslog. File logging is the default option, and it is well-supported both in midPoint core and in the user interface. Syslog logging is slightly more difficult to configure.

MidPoint logging configuration is stored in the System Configuration Object. There are two parts of the configuration: appenders and class loggers.

Appender configuration

Appender is the component that writes log data to a file, console or sends them over the network. Default midPoint configuration is set up by using file appender that writes the log data to midpoint.log file.


        <appender xsi:type="c:FileAppenderConfigurationType">
            <pattern>%date [%X{subsystem}] [%thread] %level \(%logger\): %msg%n</pattern>

Configuration item Description


Defines the format used for logging each individual message.

See LogBack pattern layout documentation for details.


The name of the appender used for referencing it from other parts of the confuguration.


Defines the name of the main log file.


Defines the name pattern of the rolled-over (archived) log files.

See LogBack fileNamePattern documentation for details.


Controls the maximum number of archive files to keep, asynchronously deleting older files.

See LogBack maxHistory documentation for details.


Each time the current log file reaches maxFileSize before the current time period ends, it will be archived with an increasing index, starting at 0.

See LogBack maxFileSize documentation for details.


If true, events are appended at the end of an existing file. Otherwise, if append is false, any existing file is truncated.

The pattern option adds printing stack traces by default in most cases. See %nopex conversion word in LogBack documentation for details.

Class logger configuration

Class loggers defines which Java packages will be logged and with what level of details.



Configuration item Description


Level of information that will be logged. See Log Levels for details.

If level is omitted, rootLoggerLevel will be used.


Defines which appender will be used for processing logs from this logger.

If appender is omitted, rootLoggerAppender will be used.


All logs produced by specified Java package will be processed by this logger. See also Useful Loggers.


Default appender that will be used for all class loggers unless the appender is specified there.


Default level that will be used for all class loggers unless the appender is specified there.

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