Proposed Improvements in Mappings and Expressions

Last modified 08 Mar 2024 08:26 +01:00
  • Use of value metadata.

    • Avoid execution of mappings where sources were not changed. The metadata may supplement the missing zero sets from execution of other mappings. I.e. the metadata will tell us whether this value was also produced by other mapping, and therefore it has to be kept instead of removing it.

    • Open question: metadata of account attributes for outbound mappings.

  • Implementation Optimization

    • Avoid execution of mapping expression in obvious cases (e.g. condition is falsefalse)

  • Deprecation/removal
    Should we deprecate/remove following items?

    • MappingType.authoritative - somehow replaced by range (but not entirely)

    • MappingType.exclusive - naturally enforced for single-valued items, do we need this also for multi-value?

  • Terminology

    • Weak/normal/strong is not very intuitive. Do we have better names?

    • includeNullInputs vs allowEmptyValues …​ always confusing. Would there be a better way? Some auto-detect mechanism? Smarter expressions?

  • Documentation TODO

    • Expression / Script expression section of docs still needs to be reviewed

    • Schemadoc is missing in too many places

  • Ideas

    • Smarter pre-defined expression evaluators. E.g. expression to construct username, selecting configurable number of firstname/lastname letters, automatically including iterationToken, maybe supporting several strategies/patterns. Fool-proof, e.g. good output in case of missing lastname, etc. This would be nice in GUI.


  • Mapping condition seems to be non-intuitive, even after documentation update. What should we do with it? Remove it? Change it?

  • Mapping constraints: are they "turning mapping off"? Or are they relativistic (like condition)?

  • Script (tranformation) expression condition …​ what should we do with it?

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