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This feature is experimental. It means that it is not intended for production use. The feature is not finished. It is not stable. The implementation may contain bugs, the configuration may change at any moment without any warning and it may not work at all. Use at your own risk. This feature is not covered by midPoint support. In case that you are interested in supporting development of this feature, please consider purchasing midPoint Platform subscription.

Here we configure the tracing feature for the activity.

Unlike 4.3 and earlier, we can now provide more tracing configurations, e.g. brief tracing for each 10-th item, and in-depth tracing for each 100-th item.
Item Meaning Default


Order in which this configuration is to be considered. Nulls go last.


beforeItemCondition (multi)

Conditions that must be fulfilled (any of them) before this configuration is applied.

Start tracing.

afterItemCondition (multi)

Conditions that must be fulfilled (any of them) for the result of this tracing be written to the file.

BEWARE: This condition is checked only for traces with the root of iterativeTaskObjectProcessing, i.e. those that were started right on the level of the iterative activity.

Write the trace.


Tracing profile to be used.


tracingPoint (multi)

Point(s) to be traced.


A combination of beforeItemCondition and afterItemCondition can be used e.g. to selectively write traces for items that took too long or ended with a failure.

TODO some examples

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