Operation Progress Reporting and Abort

Last modified 22 Apr 2021 17:31 +02:00

Progress reporting and abort functionality are experimental features in midPoint GUI.

Although they seem basically to work, their nature (namely, executing operations asynchronously and updating their state using rather frequent AJAX requests) can lead to unpredictable complications in some cases - for example, on slow networks between browsers and the application server hosting midPoint.

Until more serious configuration possibilities are available, here are the basic ones.

Progress reporting and abort functionality is configured in midPoint configuration file (usually config.xml), in this way:

        <!-- ... -->

There are two parameters:

Parameter Meaning


If set to true (the default) the abort button is present and can be used. Note that the meaning of this button is to attempt to abort long-running operation that seems to take a too much time. No actions that are already carried out when pressing this button are undone. Moreover, some actions, e.g. TCP connect to remote host, are implemented in current version of ConnId/OpenICF in such a way that they are not interruptible. So the effect of Abort button is currently a bit limited.


Specifies the time interval (in milliseconds) that is used to refresh progress information. If set to zero, no progress information is displayed, and all requests are carried out synchronously (it is the old behavior). The default value of 400 should be OK for most cases. If you have slower lines, you might consider increasing the value.

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