Lookup Tables

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Since 3.1.1
This functionality is available since version 3.1.1.

Lookup tables are a mechanism how to manage selection and mapping of pre-defined value sets. E.g. employee types, locales, time zones, cost center codes and similar properties can be managed as lookup tables. The lookup tables can be defined in midPoint repository and bound to a particular property. The property will then be regarded as an enumeration by midPoint. E.g. the user interface will display a selection instead of an ordinary test input field.

Lookup Table Definition

There is a special object type for lookup tables (LookupTableType). The entire table can be represented as midPoint object and imported into the midPoint repository:

Lookup Table
<lookupTable oid="d74d9990-3953-11e6-ab88-7fda62960e0f">
  <name>Country Codes</name>
      <label>Slovenská republika</label>
      <label>Türkiye Cumhuriyeti</label>

The key specifies the value of the property that is bound to lookup table (see below). The label specifies the text that will be displayed to the user by midPoint user interface.

Binding Lookup Table to a Property

Lookup table can be bound to any property of any (focal) object type by using object template:

Object Template
<objectTemplate oid="6fd041a4-3954-11e6-b2db-63400448082e">
        <valueEnumerationRef oid="d74d9990-3953-11e6-ab88-7fda62960e0f"/>

This definition binds the (user) property preferredLanguage to the lookup table defined above. When that object template is made active then the midPoint user interface will display a selection with the labels specified in the lookup table.

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