Oracle 12c

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This functionality is deprecated since version 4.4. The functionality is still supported and maintained, but it will no longer be extended. The plan is to remove this functionality sooner or later. Users of this functionality are strongly encouraged to stop using this functionality and migrate to a newer equivalent.

Production with Oracle

Database create

CREATE USER midpoint IDENTIFIED BY apassword;
GRANT connect,resource TO midpoint;
ALTER USER midpoint quota 10G on users;


Configuration sample



If you operate Oracle DB on different server than midPoint without SSL tunnel or dedicated network, you should think of securing your JDBC connection will SSL/TLS. Oracle manual may help you with that.


Download Oracle JDBC Driver as JAR for JDK 10+ (or for JDK 8, if you insist) from Maven repository or directly from Oracle pages e.g. for Oracle 19c here. Drivers are generally broadly compatible, but newer is probably better.

Developer setup with Vagrant for Oracle XE 18c

You need to have Vagrant+VirtualBox installed beforehand.

Complete prepared Vagrant box (except for files that need to be downloaded) is available here:

Download the directory, make it current (Vagrantfile must be in the current directory) and see the provided README for instructions.

When required files are prepared inside tmp directory, one vagrant up (and waiting) should get you to the point when you can run midPoint against the database.

Configuration sample above can be used, only jdbcUrl must be changed. Enjoy.

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