Read-Only Resource

Last modified 27 Oct 2021 10:53 +02:00

This page describes how to pretend that ordinary read-write resource is in fact read-only.

There are many reasons for this. But it perhaps is most useful during midPoint setup, testing and migration. You can test midpoint on real resources by setting them to read-only mode. You can be sure that midPoint will not destroy the data on the resource even if you have a bug in mappings or make a mistake during a migration procedure.

MidPoint resource can be switched to read-only mode by disabling the resource capabilities that create, modify and delete resource objects. The capabilities are checked by low-level components of midPoint (in Provisioning Subsystem) therefore even a severe misconfiguration of high-level midPoint features will not be able circumvent this protection.


Read-only capabilities
<capabilities xmlns:cap="">
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