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This page describes midPoint feature. Please see the feature page for more details.
Since 4.4
This functionality is available since version 4.4.

Distributed - a.k.a. multi-node or clustered - activities can be scaled up or down by starting or stopping worker tasks. This scaling is appropriate when the distribution definition changes, e.g. number of worker tasks is increased or decreased. It should be done also when the cluster configuration changes, e.g. nodes are added or deleted.

The auto-scaling activity periodically scans for eligible tasks and - if needed - scales them up or down, according to the current cluster state.

Eligible Tasks

When selecting candidates for auto-scaling, the following conditions must be met:

  • task is multi-node, i.e. it runs an activity that has worker tasks defined,

  • task is running and waiting for its child tasks, i.e. the root of the task tree is in the waiting scheduling state, and running execution state (this is the usual state for running multi-node tasks),

  • auto-scaling for the activity must not be disabled.

This is how you disable the auto-scaling. (Note it is enabled by default.)

A task with disabled auto-scaling

Configuration Parameters





Tasks that should be considered for auto-scaling.

All eligible tasks.


Minimal interval between reconciliations, i.e. it will not reconcile workers if this time has not elapsed since the last one.



Maximal interval between reconciliations, i.e. it will always reconcile workers after this time has elapsed since the last one.



Whether to skip initial reconciliation of the workers on the activity start.


You may set minReconciliationInterval to avoid frequent changes in worker tasks in the case of unstable cluster.

On the other hand, you can set maxReconciliationInterval to make sure that tasks are reconciled even in the case there is no cluster change detected.


The following tasks examines the cluster state (each minute) and adapts all eligible tasks that are currently running.

Auto-scaling task
<task xmlns="">
    <ownerRef oid="00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000002" type="UserType"/>


We currently do not support auto-scaling triggered by changes in activity distribution definition. The user is responsible for reconciling the workers manually in that cases. Or maxReconciliationInterval can be used.

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